Tyga Charged to Court by Landlord for Unsettled Rent

30 Year Old American Rapper, Tyga has been charged to court by his landlord for Outstanding rent and Thrashing the Pad situated in Los Angeles.

According to TMZ , Tyga allegedly has an unsettled rent of $32,000 when he left the place back in April, he was also accused of leaving holes in the White Oak floor of the kitchen which costs $27,650 , damning marble flooring and counters which costs $15,575 and making a damage to the walls with wallpaper and murals which cost $103,160.25.

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Also, the rapper was accused of basketball hoop installation which damaged the driveway and new locks that destroyed the entry door without permission.

The landlord revealed he tried to settle the issue in May through mediation but is now suing Tyga for Breach of Contract and wants more than $200,000 in damages after Tyga refused to follow through.

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