Leaf PhpMailer PHP file removed from hosting Cpanel


Leaf PhpMailer Alternatives

Why is my Leaf PhpMailer PHP file getting removed from hosting Cpanel?

If your Leaf Mailer’s PHP file is being removed from your hosting, we are in the same shoes.

I took time to contact the support team of Namecheap’s Hosting and I was told by the support team that they do not allow bulk mailing files as it uses their server to send the bulk emails.

This is just like using their server without paying for SMTP.

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Solution to LeafMailer PHP File removed from hosting Cpanel

When I got the response from Namecheap, I conducted some research and found some free hosting websites which allow you to host your leaf mailer’s PHP file and send your emails with ease.

Here’s the list of free webhost you can use to host your leaf Phpmailer files.

Here are three free web hosts we have tried out and they turned out to be reliable.