Leaf Phpmailer (Also Leafmailer : [-randommd5-] ): All you need to know

Leaf Phpmailer (Also Leafmailer : [-randommd5-] ): All you need to know

If you found this post, chances are: you’re into email marketing or you’re planning to start with email marketing. Either way, you want to know about Leaf Phpmailer also known as Leafmailer.

Email Marketing cannot be discussed without making mention of SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) and a Mailer. These are the two key components that makeup email marketing.

Keeping these components in mind, we will discuss Leaf PhpMailer also known as Leafmailer which is a form of Phpmailer.

Now, Phpmailer helps you solve the problem of having to pay for a mailer, a mailer is a tool that helps you send bulk emails. Most mailers offer free plans but you can only send a limited amount of mails with them. While with Phpmailer, you get to send as many emails as you want.

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To use a mailer, you have to own an SMTP Server, this can be bought from websites like Alibabacloud or you can use your Cpanel’s SMTP server from your hosting providers.

Leafmailer or Leaf Phpmailer however beats Phpmailer in this aspect as you can send thousands of emails with Leafmailer (a.k.a Leaf Phpmailer) even without an SMTP.

Follow the steps below to use Leaf Phpmailer or Leafmailer.

  1. Download the Leafmailer( Leaf Phpmailer) from its website : leafmailer.pw
  2. Log on to your Cpanel.
  3. Go to file manager.
  4. Enter Public_html.
  5. Create a folder, say “Mailer”.
  6. Upload the leafmailer PHP file.
  7. Go to your website including /mailer/leafmailer2.8.php in the URL.
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If your hosting service keeps taking down the file and tags it as a virus like mine does. Try these methods:

If you use wordpress, download “Code Widget” , a wordpress plugin which allows you to add the code as a widget.

  • Locate Appearance on your WordPress dashboard.
  • Click on widgets.
  • Locate code widget.
  • Paste in your code and Save.
  • Visit your website to use the mailer.

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